Preserve Our Future

Sconnie Merch

Zach Walters

Zach grew up hunting and fishing with his dad since he was 7. He's loved every single moment hes had in the great outdoors. He is a senior in highschool and is hoping to play college football while studying marketing. His mission for this company is to start helping kids on youth hunts. If you or your kid would like to go on a youth hunt let me know! Find his info on the contact page. 

Zach Powley

Zachary “Pow” Powley has been going hunting with his dad since the young age of 5. The love for the outdoors was taught to him by his father and grandfather.  He now spends his hunting seasons with friends and family in the woods and wetlands. He is a senior in high school with plans of attending the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse for business related studies!  He wants to encourage people to continue using the outdoors responsibly and respectfully.

Our Team

Jovanni Campos

Growing up in Wisconsin Jovanni had many amazing experiences in the great outdoors that sparked his interest in fishing and hunting. He wants Sconnie Outdoorsmen to share his passion and love of Wisconsin's wild places so others can experience its natural beauty and adventures. After graduating this year he plans on going to MATC to study General Education. Then transfer to UW Madison on a tuition scholarship to major in Wildlife Ecology.

Dylan Walton

Dylan is a 18 year old enlisted into the Marines. He has been fishing and hunting since he was 10 in the great state of Wisconsin. His mission for Sconnie is to help all young adults and children experience the experiences he had while growing up.