Our Mission

Our names are Zach Walters, Zach Powley, Jovanni Campos and Dylan Walton. We are four teenagers living our lifetime dream of pursuing the outdoors industry. We try and empower, encourage, and set an example for younger boys and girls into the outdoors, as today, we see a lot of kids our age and younger with a screen in their face instead of nature. We love every chance we get to promote each and every one of your fish or animal, hoping it will spark interest from a young boy or girl to go out and hunt or fish. We are now making efforts to take young boys and girls on trips to see how hunting and fishing works and why we love it so much. 


We are based out of Sun Prairie, WI. We all grew up hunting and fishing whether it be fishing for Small-mouth bass out of a small rural creek, or chasing down the ever elusive Whitetail Buck. We started promoting our brand "Sconnie Outdoorsmen" through Instagram. Gaining 9,000 followers in the matter of 6 months. We have now leaped forward and reached out on other platforms including: Youtube, Tik Tok, and Facebook. Having some success on those as well. We have been selling Merchandise for some time now, please take a look! All proceeds go back into Sconnie to try and take youth out on trips.